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Generally, crew are expected to arrive at the farm 24 hours prior to their first shift. With this in mind, please indicate your earliest work start date and latest end date for shifts. If you have a special request for dates or something to note about availability please indicate this in the notes box below.

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(Showtime & Post-Show)
The Environment team loves the outdoors and the Salmo River Ranch. This crew works hard to keep the festival grounds beautiful and pristine. Environment Crew aren’t afraid to get dirty while keeping it clean. Candidates are comfortable working on their feet in the beautiful outdoors.

Farm Dec

Creatives wanted. The Farm Dec team enjoys creating beautiful festival decor and are no strangers to general labour. Must have strong artistic abilities and practical building skills to help us bring the public spaces and facilities to life. Examples of previous projects may be requested.


Party in the front, business in the back. Finance volunteers keep things running behind the scenes. Preferred candidates have experience in areas like bookkeeping, accounting, payroll or banking and are interested in putting their professional skills to work for something wild.

Fire Suppression

Are you a trained and experienced firefighter? This role is well-suited to those with Volunteer or Forest Firefighter training or experience. S-100 Certification is an asset but not required. Help us keep the Farm safe!


The Garden team begins in the Spring and works shifts leading up to the festival on weekends so is best suited to Kootenay locals. Garden Team members participate in planting, pruning, watering and tending to the flower gardens in order to beautify the farm. This is a very physically demanding job that requires you to work outdoors in the heat. Landscaping experience is an asset.

Harm Reduction

Includes Outreach, Sanctuary, Safe Space, ANKORS, Options for Sexual Health, and Camp Clean Beats. Harm Reduction candidates are trained healthcare or social services professionals, with preference being given to those who have volunteered with harm reduction at other festivals and those who have knowledge of the Salmo River Ranch. Harm Reduction teams work together to provide care and resources to guests who are in need of a safe space, someone to talk to, or are seeking information.
Sanctuary: Applicants must have Psy-Crisis training, a day course that is completed prior to the festival.
Outreach/ Safe Space: Volunteers need to have experience in one of the following fields: crisis intervention, social service work experience, nursing or related.
Options for Sexual Health: OPT looks for volunteers that are committed to the organization as a whole. Volunteers need to apply through the official OPT website and complete training which is offered twice per year.
ANKORS: Recruitment is normally done internally, but if you are specifically interested in this team, please include a note on your application.
Camp Clean Beats: Recruitment is normally done internally, but if you are specifically interested in this team, please include a note on your application.

Human Resources

(Pre-show & Showtime)
HR Crew members are friendly, organized and helpful. This team functions to help our staff and volunteers fill out paperwork, give crew information about their shifts and keep files up to date. Customer service and data entry experience are huge assets.


(Preshow, Showtime, & Postshow)
Food is the fuel of the festival. Kitchen volunteers assist the cooks with meal preparation, dishwashing and keeping the kitchen clean and sanitary. There are also positions for scanning badges, serving and packaging meals at our various meal service stations. Food Safe certification is an asset but not required.

Main Gate

Main Gate volunteers work as “decal fairies” or “scanners”. Decal fairies ensure every vehicle has a parking pass by providing accurate Parking & Camping information to guests and selling upgrades as requested. Scanners scan tickets, distribute wristbands and collect early entry and re-entry fees. Candidates are friendly, efficient, highly accurate, and comfortable with standing and moving around for long periods of time.


(Pre-show & Showtime)
Reception checks in volunteers, staff, artists, contractors and will call customers using our festival database. Members of this team are computer savvy, think quickly on their feet, stay cool under pressure and love the excitement of the fresh arrivals.


Have you attended Shambhala for 2+ years and been on the Crew at least once? ShamBASSAdors capture the spirit of the festival. Recognized by their top hats & special totems, these festival ambassadors are in the business of being informed and sharing information at the Info Booth or by roaming the festival grounds. Members of this team are fun, outgoing, and require some general knowledge of the festival and the Salmo River Ranch.


(Pre/Post Show & Showtime)
As a Shambhalodging volunteer, you will act as a concierge for the Lodging guests. Responsibilities include checking guests into their camping accommodations, providing excellent customer service, and monitoring the Lodging zone to keep it looking great. Lodging Crew are outgoing, friendly and helpful. Pre/Post show positions involve moderate to heavy general labor for landscaping and setting up campsites.

Site Maintenance

(Pre-Show & Showtime)
Help us prepare our magnificent temporary city for the arrival of thousands! This team consists of plumbers, carpenters, electricians, and labourers to build and maintain our city. Jobs include construction, maintenance, set-up/tear-down, general labour, cleaning, etc. Experience in trades is a huge asset. Must be comfortable getting dirty and working hard. Please note any specialized experience on your application.

Task Force

(Pre-show & Showtime)
Sometimes teams can find themselves short staffed. Formerly known as the Anything Goes Team, the Task Force team fills the gaps when needed. Task Force volunteers have a diverse range of skills, are able to learn the basics of a job quickly, and can easily switch to new tasks or wait patiently for their next assignment. This team is a great choice for first-time Crew to get acquainted with our many different teams.


Taxi Drivers transport our crew and other patrons around the festival site via golf cart. Members of this crew have an impeccable driving record, are familiar with the Salmo River Ranch and have a friendly disposition. First Aid Level 1 or 2 is required.

Traffic Control

(Pre-Show & Showtime)
Formerly known as the Parking team, the Traffic Control volunteers assist staff with keeping the flow of vehicle traffic moving through the parking and camping areas. This can be a challenging position, but it is also one of the most vital roles to ensure the festival operates safely and smoothly. Candidates are friendly and comfortable with standing for long periods of time.

Vendor Support

These special Food Logistics volunteers work at the refrigeration truck area, assisting the Manager and Food Vendors with accessing food supplies. Candidates for this position are quick and organized. Warehousing, shelf stocking experience, and forklift certificates are assets.

Please pick your top 2 team choices in order of preference

Important Information for Medical Services Volunteers

All Medical Services volunteers, at a minimum, require the following:

  • A valid Occupational 1st Aid Level #3 (OFA#3), and/or
  • Advanced Wilderness 1st Aid Level #3.
  • Current CPR with AED

Doctors, Registered Nurses (RN’s), Licensed Practicing Nurses (LPN’s), Paramedics (PCP’s & EMR’s) are obviously qualified and welcome to apply.

ALL RN’s, ACP’s and MD’s must provide proof of a current:

  • ACLS
  • ITLS and/or TNCC

PCP's - Must submit a current drivers abstract:

  • ITLS (offered by BCAS)
  • ACLS is strongly recommended

* We do our best to accommodate people's shift preferences however we cannot guarantee that you will be scheduled at your preferred time

What time of day are you usually most productive?

Note: This must be a headshot of you. You are allowed to wear a hat, but please no dark sunglasses or masks. We must be able to identify you based on the photo provided. Photos that do not meet this criteria, or are considered to be inappropriate by our HR staff will be rejected.

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Payment Information

All new volunteers are required to purchase a Volunteer Ticket in order to apply for a position at Shambhala. The Ticket is priced at $472.50 and will be refunded upon successful completion of the volunteer hours. Please note that it can take at least a month for your refund to be processed, please plan your finances accordingly.

If you have a promotional code, select the "Promotional Code" payment method from the dropdown menu below.

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If you have any other questions, please check out our working at Shambhala FAQ or email our HR department: hr@shambhalamusicfestival.com