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Please only fill out one application. If you are unsure whether you would prefer a paid or volunteer position please read the differences here and apply for the one you would most prefer. Be sure to mention any preference info in your application. If you change your mind HR can make the adjustments.

We are happy that you are interested in joining the crew. Paid positions are targeted to those that wish to work everyday throughout the entire festival. If you are looking for less of a time commitment in exchange for admission to the festival, you may be more interested in our volunteer application.

Please check our Crew FAQ for answers to common questions about working at Shambhala Music Festival.

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Generally, crew are expected to arrive at the farm 24 hours prior to their first shift. With this in mind, please indicate your earliest work start date and latest end date for shifts. If you have a special request for dates or something to note about availability please indicate this in the notes box below.

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One of the highest-paid entry-level jobs on-site, this team maintains the supplies and cleanliness of the port-o-potties during showtime and assists the Septic Truck Driver with their rounds. It’s not as shitty as you think!

Beverage Kiosks

Beverage Kiosk attendants are outgoing and personable and have sales and cashier experience. Kiosks are mini-stores, with canned beverages as the main focus but also offer other small items and select Shambhala merchandise.

Blaze Burgers

One of the most popular food outlets, Blaze Burgers requires experienced cooks, and cashiers. Experience in the food industry and FoodSafe Certification, or cash-handling experience are assets.

Cafe Night Owl

Shambhala’s official coffee house! Night Owl consists of experienced cashiers, servers and baristas with a passion for good coffee.


Dispatchers are highly organized, good listeners, have experience working with radios and knowledge of the Salmo River Ranch. Members of this crew must be able to multitask and communicate clearly. Previous dispatch experience is an asset.

Farm Phresh Smoothies

Farm Phresh staff are nutritional enthusiasts keen to serve up nourishing, delicious smoothies to our guests. Food service, juice or smoothie bar experience, and FoodSafe Certification are assets.


Party in the front, business in the back–somebody has to do the paperwork. Finance team members keep things running behind the scenes. Preferred candidates have experience in areas like bookkeeping, accounting, payroll or banking and are interested in putting their professional skills to work for something wild.

Ice Sales

Ice Ice Baby! This is a fast-paced job and requires candidates who can quickly and accurately handle cash, keep the line steadily flowing and move heavy bags of ice.


(Pre-Show, Showtime & Post-Show)
The Crew Kitchen is made up of camp cooks with plenty of kitchen experience. This crew works to prepare food to keep our crew nourished and energized. We also have a Catering department that oversees meal delivery, scanning, and food service. Lengthier summer contracts available, as well as showtime positions. Food Safe certification is preferred.

Oink Pulled Pork

Help fuel the festival by serving up delicious pulled pork sandwiches. OINK requires experienced cooks and cashiers. Experience in the food industry and FoodSafe Certification are an asset.

Pasta Joint

Buon Appetito! This team requires experienced cooks and cashiers to run the pasta bar. Experience in the food industry and FoodSafe Certification are an asset. Serve up the ultimate comfort food to festival goers.

Pucker Up Lemonade

When life gives you lemons...serve up fresh lemonade! Candidates should have cashier, customer service or food & beverage experience.


Retail Staff are highly experienced in retail sales, organized and are extremely comfortable operating a till. Must be energetic and keen to sell. Cashiers and attendants are required at the Beatique merch store, General Store and Showers.


Security staff help us keep the festival safe and secure, have experience working event security and have a current security workers license. If you are not currently licensed but you are interested in getting your event security certification please indicate this on your application.


(Pre-Show & Showtime)
Help us prepare & maintain our magnificent temporary city! Most staff positions on the Site team are Supervisor roles that oversee and work with teams of plumbers, carpenters, electricians, heavy equipment operators and labourers. Jobs include construction, maintenance, set-up/tear-down, general labour, etc. Experience in trades is required. Must be comfortable getting dirty and working hard. Please note any specialized experience on your application.


Stagekeepers check wristbands and provide access control at stages. This crew also works directly with Security, keeping a watchful eye for potential safety or first aid issues on the dancefloor. Must be comfortable working a 12-hour shift on your feet, daily or nightly throughout the festival.

Tech Support

Calling all IT professionals. This team provides support to all Shambhala Crew teams experiencing technical difficulties. Must be computer savvy and have experience troubleshooting technical issues.

Traffic Control

(Pre-Show & Showtime)
Formerly known as the Parking team, Traffic Control staff regulate the flow of vehicle traffic moving in the parking and camping areas. This team directs traffic, ensures cars are parked efficiently, keeps roadways and fire lanes clear. This can be a challenging position but it is also one of the most vital and integral roles to operate the festival safely and smoothly. Candidates are friendly, observant and comfortable with standing for long periods of time, in all weather conditions.


Positions available for a variety of license class levels. Transportation drivers facilitate deliveries both on and off-site of supplies and people. Candidates have an impeccable driving record, are comfortable driving large vehicles and/or busses in a crowded environment. Heavy equipment operator experience an asset. Please indicate any licenses and specializations on your application.

Vendor Support

Are you interested in providing behind-the-scenes support to food and artisan vendors? Positions on this team include Forklift Operator, Vendor Assistant and Refrigeration “Reefer” Pad Manager. Good communication, warehousing experience and problem-solving skills are assets.

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