2019 Market Vendors

Market Vendor Dates of Importance 2019

  • March 15 - Market Vendor Applications Open
  • April 7 - Market Vendor Applications Close
  • April 12 - Notifications Delivered to Successful Applicants with Auction Instructions
  • April 15 to 18 - Tier One Auction
  • April 22 to 25 - Local Handcrafted Artisan Auction
  • April 29 to May 2 - Tier Two Auction
  • July 12 - 17:00 PST - Final booth payments due (for vendors who are pre-approved for a payment plan)

Market Vendor Application

Shambhala boasts a population of approximately 15,000 people, including ticket holders, staff, talent, and guests of the show. Our market vendor court, situated right in the middle of downtown, provides an opportune location for our artisans to experience large flows of traffic. On average, the majority of our guests pass through the market vendor court a minimum of 3 times per day when travelling to and from their campsites.

If you have a top-notch product that you feel would be a good fit with our audience, we encourage you to fill out an application below. We will be reviewing all applications and will be short-listing candidates for the next step in the process which will begin on Friday, April 12, 2018.

Locally sourced, locally handcrafted goods are very important to Shambhala and we want to make sure that they are well represented within our artisan vendor court. We understand that many local artisans face reduced margins and higher costs when creating their products. For this reason, we will be reserving a section of our artisan vendor court specifically for these businesses. If your products are sourced, and produced, locally, please indicate as such when filling out your application. Upon reviewing your application, our vendor coordinators will review your products and will determine if you will be allowed to compete within this special tier.

Please note that we will be short-listing more vendors than we will have booth space for. Even if you are short-listed to compete within the auction process, you are not guaranteed to be given a booth.

Vendor applications will only remain open until April 7, 2019.

Before you Apply

Before you apply to be a market vendor at Shambhala, you will want to ensure you meet the requirements for our Market Vendors.

Hours of Operation

We require our vendors to be open for a minimum number of hours. Being open these times is important as it has direct impact on the vendors around you.

Local Handcrafted Artisan Tier

Artisans located within our local artisan tier booths are required to be open daily from 10:00am until 10:00pm during the days of the festival.

Tier One Artisans

Although most vendors in this area are open 24hrs per day, artisans in Tier One booths are required to be open daily from 10:00am until 2:00am during the days of the festival.

Tier Two Artisans

Artisans in Tier Two booths are required to be open daily from 10:00am until Midnight during the days of the festival.

As a vendor, if you are not working the minimum hours, you may be fined or escorted off the premises.

Prohibited Items

In order to be considered for vending at Shambhala, your product line will be reviewed by festival officials to ensure your products will complement the overall spirit of our artisan vendor area. Vendor products must meet the following rules:

  • No Glass
  • No Smoking Paraphernalia
  • No Use of the Shambhala Music Festival Name, Word-marks, or Logos.
  • No items identified on our list of Banned Items.

Payment Details / Arrangements

Vendors are required to pay for their booth, in full, immediately after the auction completes. Returning vendors with a good payment record can make payment arrangements with our vendor coordinator, but they must contact vendors@shambhalamusicfestival.com prior to submitting their application.

International Vendors

If you are not a Canadian vendor and wish to sell products at Shambhala, please review the following information:

Shambhala Music Festival is registered with the Canada Border Services Agency. Exhibitors may import display items and exhibit booths temporarily as outlined in the provisions of tariff classification 9993.00.00.00 duty free, on the condition that the goods will be exported from Canada upon the completion of the event.

Items imported to be given away or sold at this event will require formal customs accounting documentation and any applicable duties and/or taxes will be collected at the time of importation. Any foreign exhibitors importing goods into Canada should check with U.S. Customs prior to shipping your convention goods, as the requirement is any goods over $2000. U.S. must be reported to U.S. Customs. They can document your goods on the form 4455 so they can identify the goods on your return to the U.S.

Foreign nationals may engage in exhibiting, selling or displaying goods without a work permit provided they are not selling to the general public. Direct sales to the general public require a work permit. For more information please visit:http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/work/index.asp


How Does the Process Work?

Step 1) Market Vendors Apply

The first step in the process is having you, our potential vendor, apply using the form below. Shambhala will review your application to ensure it meets our pre-screening requirements. We encourage you to review our banned items list in advance as any products that are banned will not be permitted within our vending court.

Applications will be open from March 15 until April 7, 2019. All short-listed vendors will be notified by April 12, 2019 with instructions for participating in the next step of the process.

Step 2) Successful Vendors Pick Which Auction Tier(s) They Wish to Compete in

After their application has been reviewed and accepted, short-listed applicants will enter a bidding process to determine their booth position within their tier. Our craft vendor court is separated into the following tiers, which are listed below:

Tier One

Auction dates (April 15 to April 18)

Tier One contains our most high-traffic vending booths designed for vendors with large product lines and high-volume sales. Any vendors who's applications were accepted in the previous step will have the ability to bid on a booth within Tier One.

These booths will likely be the most costly. Those that do not secure a booth within Tier One will have the option to bid again in the Tier Two auction.

Local Handcrafted Goods

Auction dates (April 22 to April 25)

Reserved for those that qualify to compete within our Local Handcrafted artisan tier, this section of our vendor court is designed to showcase the talent of our homegrown Canadian and American vendors and service providers. This requires pre-screening by our vendor co-ordinators.

Vendors competing within this area will only be competing with others that have been selected for this tier.

Tier Two

Auction dates (April 29 to May 2)

Tier two are the majority of our vending booths which aren't reserved for either Tier One, or local artisans. These booths are open to all bidders, including those that were not successful in securing either a Local handcrafted booth, or a Tier One booth.

Step 3) Vendors Place Bids to Determine Their Picking Position

Vendors will participate within the auction for their chosen tier(s) during the dates for the auction specified above. They will be provided a unique weblink in order to access the auction system and identify themselves during the process.

Vendors will place bids to determine their position on a list. The highest bidder will be at the top of the list and the lowest will be at the bottom. Vendors can place as many bids as they like during the auction. A vendor's position on the list of bidders will determine who gets to pick their booth first.

Step 4) After the Auction Closes, Successful Bidders Select Their Booth(s)

At the close of the auction for each tier. The vendor coordinator will contact the top bidder. The top bidder will have the first choice of booth within the tier and will have the option of buying a second booth in the same tier for double their bid. This selection process will continue again with the second highest bidder, then the third, and will continue down the list until all booths within that tier have been secured.

Vendors competing within these auctions will need to make themselves available by phone and email for the 48 hours following the close of the auction within their tier and must be prepared to provide prompt responses to vendor coordinator responses. Vendors who cannot be contacted or fail to provide quick responses to follow-up communications will be bypassed in the list and may miss the option to secure their booth. If you will be out of reach for the days following an auction you are participating in, please make arrangements in advance with your vendor coordinator by emailing them at vendors@shambhalamusicfestival.com.

Vendors will be required to pay for their booth immediately following the auction. Returning vendors that are in good standing with Shambhala may be extended the option to provide a deposit and enter a payment arrangement for their booth fee. If you are unable to make immediate payment, please contact vendors@shambhalamusicfestival.com BEFORE you start bidding to see if you qualify for a payment arrangement.

Ready to Apply?

If you are ready to apply, please click the button below to proceed to our application forms. Once we have received your application, we will review your submission. Please ensure that the application is complete. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed. We thank all those that apply, however, due to large application volumes, only successfully short-listed candidates will be contacted. We will contact all successful applicants no later than Friday, April 12, 2019.

Applications Closed